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Our mission

We strive to drive access to high-quality education programs for all.

With a focus on the development of creative skills, our work directly enables and empowers participants to create stronger, more inclusive, and innovative communities. By inspiring and equipping children and youth, we help them make their mark on the world. 

Our vision

We aspire to live in a world where there is equal access to quality education that inspires and empowers our youth. Where creative expression and creative skills are cherished and bring joy to everyday life.

Where we directly see and feel the positive impact of innovative education programs on our youth, and consequently on their communities. Through our partnerships we’re proud to have directly contributed to the development of the most inspiring and innovative pool of creative change makers known in our society. 

Our Belief :

We believe, in a context of rapid transformation of our society, ​our economies and our workforces, that creativity is one of the key skills to cultivate the spirit of lifelong learning both in our kids and during our adult life. ​

Unfortunately, our educational systems globally lack initiatives that foster creativity and often don’t encourage children and adults to take risks, to believe in their capacity to change paradigms, and to do their part and take responsibility for building a better, more sustainable world. ​

Our Manifesto

Creativity. It’s a manifestation of the soul and an outpouring of emotion; A vehicle for human expression and the healthiest of all rebellions. It’s experimenting and taking risks; A contagious curiosity for everything that teases your senses. It’s the courage to scribble on walls when the world expects you to color within the lines.​


At the BIC Corporate Foundation, we believe in the power of creativity as the driver of change and the cornerstone of progress; 

As an understated, yet integral part of a well-rounded education — one that inspires a brighter future for all. We believe in fostering creativity in all its forms — in everyone, everywhere, with no exceptions;


Why? Because it underscores our mission to drive equal access to quality education; Because it helps build up the confidence to break down barriers; Because it empowers our youth to make their mark on this world.

Creativity. It’s a powerful means to a new beginning.

All it takes is the tools to express yourself, and a little imagination.


Creativity is a wide subject, which is why we support projects that tackle creativity from different angles. We support the development of creative skills through:







BIC Corporate Foundation
BIC and Rêv'elles Present "Place aux Femmes!"
6th edition of Ideas World Cup at BIC


The BIC Corporate Foundation works hand-in-hand with BIC subsidiaries and factories, non-profit organizations and communities to find local innovative...

Creativity Community of Practice

To further strengthen and maximize the impact of the BIC Corporate Foundation, we founded the Creativity Community of Practice (C-COP), a coalition of educators, researchers,  not for profits, organizations, foundations, artists, and creatives.

Creativity Pioneers Fund

The Creativity Pioneers Fund was launched in 2021 to help reinforce the power of culture and creativity to catalyse social change 


Internal Board Members

Gonzalve Bich

Chief Executive Officer
Chair, BIC Corporate Foundation

Mario Berra

SVP Global Manufacturing,
Group Supply Chain

Peter Van Den Broeck

Senior VP, General Manager,
Middle East and Africa

Ganesh Parameswaran

General Counsel MEA, India & APAC,
Group Legal

Marine Poniatowski

Global Senior Brand Manager – Human Expression

External Board Members

Jean-Marc Guesne

Archipel & Co.

Angela Ajala

Executive Director,
Ladela Schools

Abi Daré 



Alison James

Executive Director,
BIC Corporate Foundation

Zully Rojas

Project Manager,
BIC Corporate Foundation