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Careers: Our teams

Working at BIC means working for a brand that brings simplicity and joy to everyday life, and our future is rooted in our ability to help our teams unleash their full potential. Interested in learning more? Read about our teams below, then explore open opportunities.

Business Functions

Our business teams are the backbone of the company’s success. Behind our products are passionate team members who support our global operations and serve as strategic partners to the business. As a business function employee you will partner with our extraordinary team members across the organization to help increase efficiency, reduce risk, provide strategic advice, and develop best practices to help BIC grow. Our business functions include Communications, Corporate Stakeholder Engagement, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Legal.


Our Communications team is responsible for telling the BIC story by cultivating BIC’s reputation and brand loyalty internally and externally. Specifically, our global and regional communicators are working to frame our story powerfully and clearly, share content across all channels, and inspire, motivate and engage our key audiences – all in support of our global, regional and local business goals and strategies.

Corporate Stakeholder Engagement

Our Corporate Stakeholder Engagement team supports BIC’s reputation with investors and external corporate stakeholders. As a member of the team, you will help to frame corporate messages and build relationships with the financial community, ESG rating agencies, NGOs, public authorities, regulators and global media. You will also help lead financial communications and earnings announcements, organize annual shareholder meetings, and manage press relations for projects impacting Corporate Stakeholders.


Our Finance team provides the foundation the business needs to achieve short- and long-term success. With a shared mission to help the business drive sustainable sales and profit growth, you will work closely with teams across the globe maintaining best-in-class financial management, overseeing reporting and data analytics, and assessing and minimizing risks to the bottom line. As the volume and complexity of the financial operations increases, your work will serve as a baseline for the business to make effective decisions.

Human Resources

Our HR team supports the needs of our business by maintaining BIC's engaged and talented workforce. As an HR team member you will help to attract, retain and develop talented employees, all while anticipating and building the future capabilities needed to realize our full business potential. With our focus on Centers of Excellence, you’ll have the opportunity to provide expertise on HR topics while still engaging in the full range of HR responsibilities: business partnering, strategic planning, training and development, compensation and benefits, employee engagement, recruitment/retention, succession planning, wellbeing, and more.

Information Technology

Our Information Technology team is helping to strengthen our business with modern, high-performing information systems and best-in-class information technology services. As a member of the IT team, you will provide the knowledge, guidance and support to ensure BIC has the technological solutions to help facilitate efficient business processes and strategic decision making. Our experts relentlessly strive to deliver accurate, timely and value-added information in a secure environment to our internal and external business partners.


Our Legal team provides proactive advice and support to help propel BIC’s global business priorities, mitigate risks and protect our company’s reputation. As a member of the legal team, you will bring to the business a distinct and valuable perspective that enables the team to support growth while ensuring that our company and colleagues comply with all applicable laws. From business integrity to product safety, from partnership agreements to mergers and acquisitions, from intellectual property to litigation, our legal experts are partnering to support business needs.

Strategy & Business Development

The Strategy & Business Development team establishes the company's growth roadmap. At BIC, we have articulatated our new "Horizon" strategy to achieve long-term growth, our journey for how we will get there and the key building blocks we’ll need along the way. As a member of the team, you will work with the business to identify, prioritize and develop growth opportunities for BIC, both internally, in partnership with Global Insights & Innovation and the markets, and externally, by evaluating Mergers and Acquisitions opportunities. 

Shared Services

Launched in 2019, BIC's new Shared Service Center is part of the company's continuing transformation aimed at increasing efficiency and achieving sustainable growth. The new center in Sofia, Bulgaria consolidates administrative activities for BIC’s European Finance, Accounting and Customer Service operations. 

Shared Services team in Sofia


Our Commercial team's success is fueled by their focus on winning with consumers and customers across our global markets. Our experienced team members in Sales & Marketing drive sustainable growth across geographies, enhance profitability and sales efficiency, and build advanced commercial capabilities. As a global organization, our team members rise to business challenges, and learn new skills and approaches along the way.


Our Sales leaders believe that our brand must be present and visible everywhere consumers shop to ensure our business continues to grow. As a member of the Sales team, you will work in a diverse, fast-paced environment, gaining significant business responsibility from day one – learning the BIC product lines and developing deep expertise in BIC product categories. New ideas are strongly welcomed, and everyone is encouraged to take risks, seek out fresh approaches without the fear of failure, and provide ideas on where that future growth will come from.


BIC marketers strengthen our world-renowned brand and continue to drive strong results by developing strategic marketing plans, creating breakthrough advertising and launching game-changing innovation. As a member of the team, you will have the ability to work with our global portfolio of products that millions of consumers enjoy each day, developing marketing growth strategies to meet the objectives of the company and identifying specific tactics to build on consumer and customer insights.

Global Insights & Innovation

The Global Insights & Innovation (GI&I) team serves as the key influencer in helping to build the BIC of tomorrow and increasing our ability to compete more effectively in a rapidly-changing and consumer-driven environment. As a member of the team, you will work hand-in-hand with colleagues across the globe through our six Centers of Expertise: Consumer & Market Intelligence, Brand & Portfolio Management, New Territories, Global Development Center, and Core Technologies in Stationery and in Shaver. 

Consumer & Market Intelligence

Generating global market, consumer and user insights, you will:

  • Centralize consumer data across sources (panel, PoS)
  • Track market and competitor trends with regional marketing teams
  • Shape and analyze BIC research, including surveys and panels
  • Run consumer tests
  • Generate global consumer insights and share them with regional teams

Brand & Portfolio Management

Ensuring competitive and consistent branding, packaging and product portfolio, your work on this team will include:

  • Partnering with regional teams to strengthen product portfolios
  • Defining global brand strategies, visual standards and guidelines for content and packaging
  • Integrating sustainable development into brand identity and the product development pipeline
  • Building long-term perspective on product portfolios

New Territories

Identifying and implementing new business opportunities, your work will include:

  • Finding new business opportunities including new categories, new products, alternative channels, new business models
  • Focusing on creating business value rather than finding new technologies
  • Seeking out and managing global innovation partnerships for new opportunities beyond core stationery and shaver technologies

Global Development Center

Managing Research and Innovation for new technology, products and processes, you will take part in:

  • Leading innovation for core stationery technologies in partnership with the Global Development Center
  • Identifying new technologies to give BIC a competitive advantage
  • Seeking out and managing fundamental research partnerships

Core Technologies: Stationery & Shaver

Innovating our core stationery and shaver technologies (e.g., inks and blades), your work will include identifying new technologies to give BIC a competitive advantage and seeking out and managing fundamental research partnerships.

Supply Chain

The Global Supply Chain team consists of over 13,000 capable and motivated employees, with a global footprint of 22 factories and 50 warehouses and responsibility for managing 13,000 SKU’s and a constant flow of 250,000 pallets. Beyond the day-to-day, the team serves as a strategic partner providing insights and analysis, sparking smarter solutions for our internal and external partners and customers, and improving BIC's overall agility and excellence.


The Planning team kicks off the supply chain process by developing demand planning and validating it with the Sales team. Positions in the Planning function include Demand Planning, Factory Supply Planning, Packaging Development, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Planning Process & Performance, Inventory Management, S&OP, and more.


After a demand planning meeting has occured, the team develops production plans for the factories and Procurement will buy all the materials. Positions in the Procurement function include Direct Sourcing, Indirect Sourcing, Regional, Local Sourcing, and more.


As a member of the Manufacturing team, you will be part of the BIC manufacturing community, contributing to the production of over 30 million products every day that meet BIC's quality and price standards. Manufacturing's main goal? To secure efficient production in a safe environment. Positions in the Manufacturing function include manufacturing operations, manufacturing HSE, continuous improvement, technicians, engineers, production support, maintenance teams, and more.


You will contribute to the continuous improvement of the BIC standards for high quality and reliability, based on our slogan: “right first time, every time.” Positions in the Global Quality function cover both quality assurance and control, and include Central-led and Quality Labs, including Quality Labs, Quality 4.0, Customer Quality Management/VOC, Region Quality Projects, and more. These teams are focused on product qualification, special global projects, standardization efforts, product safety tools, global KPIs, and more.

Operational Excellence

The Operational Excellence team is responsible for the manufacturing performance evaluation and strategic direction/projects, plus management of OEM’s, mold/machine development and New Product Industrialization, in collaboration with the GI&I team. Positions in the Operational Excellence function include BIC Tech, Shaver Tech, Industrialization, OEM, Industrial & Strategic Projects, Operational Sustainability, Smart Manufacturing, and more.

Supply & Deliver

The Supply & Deliver team oversees Warehouses, Co-packing and Distribution - everything needed to deliver our products to our customers' warehouses. Positions in the Supply & Deliver function include Global Delivery, Co-packing, Warehousing, Logistics Operations, and more.

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