Lo Bosworth and BIC Soleil Escape Razors Launch Limited-Edition 5 Senses Shave Kit  

The 5 Senses Shave Kit encourages women to embrace self-care, starting with an indulgent shave.

SHELTON, Conn., May 15, 2024 – BIC® Soleil Escape™ is empowering consumers to slow down and indulge in an everyday escape with the launch of their limited-edition 5 Senses Shave Kit. The sensorial collection is co-created with Love Wellness Founder, personal care advocate, and TV personality, Lo Bosworth, encouraging women to tap into self-care starting with their shave.

"Partnering with BIC Soleil Escape was a natural extension of my dedication to wellness," shared Lo Bosworth. "This transformative kit turns your daily shave into an unexpected, delightful experience, one that adds a touch of indulgence to your everyday routine. We can all prioritize self-care by starting with something as simple as a quality shave!"

The thoughtfully curated 5 Senses Shave Kit was inspired by the scented handles of Soleil Escape razors, in fragrances such as Jasmine & Eucalyptus and Vanilla & Berries. Each kit transforms the everyday shave by creating a calming and refreshing experience that tickles all the senses, including:

Smell: Immerse yourself with BIC Soleil Escape 5 Blade Razors (two 2-count packs, 4 razors total) with Jasmine & Eucalyptus and Vanilla & Berries scented handles.
Taste: Sip on luscious lavender mocktails that have soothing vanilla notes from a delectable dash of vanilla.
Hearing: Listen to relaxing tunes or jam out to your favorite beats with a shower-friendly speaker.
Touch: Feel deep and rejuvenating exfoliation from a natural lava pumice stone.
Sight: Adorn your showerhead with eucalyptus to create an aesthetically pleasing, and luxurious spa-like shower experience.

"We understand that consumers feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to focus on self-care," said Katie Potocki, Marketing Director for Blade Excellence at BIC. "The Soleil Escape 5 Senses Shave Kit elevates the shaving experience by turning your shower routine into a revitalizing pause from the everyday hustle."

The limited-edition BIC Soleil Escape 5 Senses Shave Kit can be purchased at BIC.com for $59, while supplies last. BIC Soleil Escape razors are available in three additional scents - Citrus, Lavender & Eucalyptus, and Rose & Magnolia – and feature moisture strips with 100% natural almond oil to enhance glide for a smooth and comfortable shave. Soleil Escape razors can be purchased at major retailers nationwide and on e-commerce platforms including Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Walgreens starting at $5.47.

Media Contact: BICBlade@mbooth.com