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  • Bic-sponsored sailor places third in the vendée globe ocean race


On November 8, 2020, Louis Burton took off for the 9th Vendée Globe, the world’s largest and toughest sailing race to date. BIC was one of the proud sponsors of his boat, Bureau Vallée 2, and our logo on the mainsail has accompanied the skipper for 45,000 km of this incredible adventure. After 80 days at sea, Louis Burton returned from his adventure on January 28, 2021 and won third place in the competition.

This is far from BIC’s first journey with Burton. BIC has sponsored Burton since 2018 and has already signed on to support his races through 2025. In addition, BIC partnered with Burton to launch “I Discover the World with Louis Burton,” his 2020 educational kit teaching children about the sea and its ecological issues.

Burton began sailing at a young age and picked up racing when he was 18 years old. Since 2010, he has sailed eight transatlantic races and three round-the-world races, including the 2020 Vendée Globe.

Visit the Vendée Globe’s website to learn more about the race, and see more from Louis Burton’s journey on his Facebook page.