June 26, 2022 - After much planning and preparation, last week, BIC moved into our new headquarters in Clichy, France.

Clichy is the birthplace of our company and brand. It is an office that stands out for its great diversity and multiculturalism both within the team locally and with many team members visiting from around the world. This move honors and builds on our past while looking to the future, with a fresh design that aims to inspire and provide the team the opportunity to explore new ways of working and a more flexible work environment.

With this move, we also want to reinforce our commitment to sustainable development and lead by example. The building itself has been awarded the BREAM label, a global certification standard for the environmental assessment of buildings, as well as the HQE Label for “High Environment Quality.”

Additionally, each workspace utilizes materials and furniture that are designed to reduce indoor air pollution and optimize comfort, while the lighting, heating, and air conditioning are controlled based on the capacity of each space to minimize our energy consumption.

We look forward to this next chapter in our history after 22 years spent in our old building, and to welcoming our teams and partners from around the world on their next visit!