BIC Debuts On Roblox With First Immersive Experience ‘DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW’

Creators of all ages can customize their own virtual world in an immersive new social game
inspired by the global refresh of the BIC Kids brand of coloring products

PARIS, 13-FEB-2024 – BIC announces the launch of BIC DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW (DrawPlanet) on Roblox, an immersive new social experience where users unleash their inner artist to create a universe from their imagination, one drawing at a time. DrawPlanet is the first wholly owned persistent experience from BIC on Roblox, developed as an open-style evergreen space inspiring its visitors to explore their creative sides, either on their own or with friends from around the world. 

In DrawPlanet, users hop between multiple fantastical realms like the Enchanted Forest, WOW City, and Cloud Kingdom, each designed with an abundance of bold colors and scenic layers to spark curiosity and inspire creativity. As the journey unfolds, canvases are uncovered where visitors can draw original artwork with virtual pens, pencils, crayons, and markers inspired by the BIC Kids line of coloring products. The drawings then come to life with kinetic elements and pop off the page to populate their creator’s digital world, such as butterflies that flap their wings to take flight, flowers that fill a meadow, or kangaroos that hop. The more a visitor draws, the more personalized their world inside of DrawPlanet becomes.

The automatic transformation from 2D to 3D in real time helps further democratize artistic creation on Roblox by eliminating the need for coding knowledge, a unique benefit for the platform’s creative global community of all ages. Within DrawPlanet, users can also explore their friend’s realms, take part in fun and educational side quests, earn ArtCoins to unlock special drawing and coloring features, collect BIC Kids digital wearables like a pencil suit and art boots, share their artwork in a virtual museum, and more.

“Experiences on Roblox are built on a foundation of imagination and collaboration, which aligns perfectly with the mission of BIC Kids to spark joy and unleash creative self-expression,” said Gonzalve Bich, CEO of BIC. “The immersive virtual realm helps us evolve the BIC Kids brand philosophy to meet the preferences of younger generations. Coloring and digital can go hand in hand if we build new relationships and strengthen this connection by meeting them in both places that they spend time letting their imaginations run wild. At its heart, BIC DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW is a learning experience that we hope will teach younger users that their individual perspective matters, and that a little creativity can be all that is needed to change the world around them.”

BIC partnered with innovation consultancy, MagicCo, to develop DrawPlanet as part of the global relaunch of the BIC Kids brand. Roblox is the fastest growing and leading immersive platform, with over 71.5 million daily active users (as of Q4 2023). In a recent consumer survey by BIC Kids to determine what is most important to users, over two-thirds of respondents said the ability to play with friends, and 58% said being able to build their own world. DrawPlanet was designed to deliver on these preferences through shareable, creativity-based experiences.

DrawPlanet features customized content for players of all ages to provide enjoyable gameplay while helping safeguard the online safety and privacy of children. To experience DrawPlanet: Go Make WOW, please visit: