Terre des hommes: Radio Indifesa

NGO Name: Terre des hommes  -  Location: Italy


Protect children from all sorts of violence or abuse, to ensure every child's right to health, education and life. The organization develops strategic activities to improve the well-being and health of children by fighting hunger, malnutrition and combating all forms of abuse and violence. 

In Italy bullying and cyberbullying affects school attendance and also adversely affects the performance of students who are victims of it, often influencing their scholastic carrier and study paths.


The project promotes a cultural change to support gender equality and social inclusion, targeting the issue of bullying in all of its forms. It targets secondary and high school students and uses a peer education approach that will involve other students, teachers and parents. The project consists of:

  1. Development of an app and website that provide up-to-date information and toolkits to raise awareness and treat discrimination and bullying-related matters,
  2. Web-radio network, self-managed by students. Students will receive entrepreneurship training, as they will have to self-finance the project through an ad hoc crowdfunding platform and manage it on their own.

In their own words

To participate to the presentation of the INDIFESA Dossier last October in Rome it has been, first of all an honor, but above all a wonderful experience. 
 Through the webinar we have been able to get to know other way of making radio and to understand how to carry on a project together with shared knowledge and ideas.
All the webradio involved are formed by young speakers and I think this is the strength of the project: Young people speak to young people! This is the key to raise awareness for a society who reject gender discrimination, stereotype and violence.