Tara Expeditions Foundation: Environmental Education

NGO Name: Tara Expeditions Foundation  -  Location: France


The ocean is a continuous ecosystem that we must understand and preserve as a whole.

Scientific expertise can be used to raise awareness and educate the younger generations (students 8-16 yo and young public), mobilize political decision-makers and enable emerging countries to benefit from the new scientific knowledge about the Ocean. 


The project's objective is to make environmental education accessible to every teacher and student, in order to empower them to raise awareness around them (students, parents, friends, local authorities). Furthermore, the ocean is a perfect topic to address other environmental issues such as climate or biodiversity. The program aims to give students a voice and make them actors through different activities: they can ask questions and have direct interactions with sailors and scientists, they can become reporters or scientists (they can analyze real data that come from the boat).

In their own words

The videoconferences with a researcher are an incredible opportunity to work on sustainable development and sciences. To talk to a researcher concretize the theoretical study that we are doing in class.

The students were extremely excited: they arrived before the class started and stayed totally focus during the lecture.

C Dupouy, 5th grade - académie de Nancy Metz