Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation: Art Experience Workshops (ArtEx)

NGO Name: Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation  -  Location: Australia


Extensive research highlights the positive impact that interactions with art in a health setting have on improving mental health, increasing enjoyment and social interaction; it also reduces isolation, loneliness, length of hospital stay, and decreasing the need for pain medication.


The project aims to keep patients positive and engaged so that their stay in the hospital is as positive as possible. This innovative and first-of-its-kind in Oceania program has three main elements: Art Experience workshops, Exhibition program, and Permanent collection of donated artworks.

The Art Experience (ArtEx) Workshops connect children with professional artists to teach them new techniques and diverse creative experiences, dynamic and rotating schedule of Exhibitions displayed throughout the hospital corridors also fosters creative interest and ability. ArtEx workshops allow kids to relax and enjoy the process of art-making in the Hospital School, on the wards, or by their bedside. These workshops play an important role in promoting physical, emotional, and mental health through social interactions between children and the evidence-based therapeutic benefits of art in a health setting.