Sports dans la Ville: Center "But en Or"

NGO Name: Sports dans la Ville  -  Location: France


Unemployment, poverty, underachievement in school and drug-related crime are some of the societal challenges the young people face. 
The main goal of the NGO is to create equal opportunity for youth through sports and job training.


The project aims to build up social and professional insertion in underserved neighborhoods through sport, helping each member to gain self-confidence and essential values that will allow them to reach success. The project consists of the following:

  • Construction of Sports Centers: sport activities through regular training sessions for children and youngsters
  • Complementary activities: events, discovery trips, winter and summer camps
  • “L dans la Ville”: empowering girls and allowing them to unleash their potential through sports, mentoring, cultural activities and professional development.
  • “Job dans la Ville”: promote the training and professional integration of young people from the age of 14

In their own words

“Job dans la ville” in few words would be: help, support and trust. The program has been helping me a lot for several months.

Maëva, 21 yo

At first I did not know anyone but now I have friends. I recommend Sport dans la ville to a lot of people because the NGO because it offers a lot of opportunities.

Sarah, 15 yo