Rede Nami: AfroGrafiteiras

NGO Name: Rede Nami  -  Location: Brazil


According to Brazilian Public Security Yearbook 2019, 61% of women who suffered femicide in Brazil were women of color; this facts were explained by the effects of slavery and racism to the present day, the woman of color is the major focus of social, racial and gender inequality. Based on these facts, NAMI created the AfroGrafiteiras project, to promote a positive cultural transformation through art, protagonism of these women and struggle for racial and gender equality.


The project aims to reduce violence against women, especially femicide, the education of afro-Brazilian women. They offer a 6-month leadership training program, focusing on women’s personal development through urban art. Women express their views and ideas in graffiti murals in the neighborhood. 

These women become leaders in different areas and multiply the knowledge with other people in their communities. The classes are divided in 5 themes: The history of women, The history of Black people, Selfcare, Sexual and reproductive rights and domestic violence prevention.