Red Cross: Schooling Success

NGO Name: Red Cross  -  Location: Spain


The mission of the Spanish Red Cross is to be closer to the vulnerable people at the national and international level, through integrated actions carried out essentially by volunteers. Spanish Red Cross provides comprehensive responses to vulnerable people from a human and community development perspective by reinforcing their individual capacities in their social context.


The project provides an afternoon educational space to strengthen the academic competences of children in social and familiar difficulties and help them in their development. The volunteers give educational support and help children to do their homework, to prepare exams, to solve doubts and to give assistance in educational processes such as new educational center, etc. The project and volunteers promote healthy habits and personal development among the children and the youth and guarantees at least one meal per day to the beneficiaries by giving lunch. Beneficiaries: children & youth from 6 to 16 years old with social and learning difficulties.

In their own words

We have been in the course for two years, from 2nd ESO. We love it, the lectures are very productive and we have learnt a lot of stuff. Moreover, we have met wonderful people who always are willing to help us in every possible way. They help with the homework and with our personal trouble, they are great. We always do different stuff: games, themed workshops etc. However, things have been changing over the years, at the beginning they fed us with some snacks and focus the lectures towards the homework. Nowadays, we also argue about personal feelings besides teaching homework, we talk about other things in daily life.

Barbara and Tamara, 4th of ESO students