Projeto Uerê: Projeto Uerê School

NGO Name: Projeto Uerê  -  Location: Brazil


Reintegration of children and adolescents into society as responsible and aware citizens and to complement the public system's education, reinforcing soft and hard skills.


The Projeto Uerê complementary support school applies the Uerê-Mello Pedagogy to promote brain plasticity, the capacity for quick reasoning, logical thinking and speedy storage of information, thereby eliminating existing blockades. Students have various 20 minutes sessions of this pedagogy throughout the day, as well as extra-curricular activities such as sports, art and music lessons. Projeto Uerê also has the future labor market in mind when it cares for its youth. Children and youth receive individual attention, as they suffer from many posttraumatic problems like dyslexia, attention deficit, speech impediments, lack of social behavior or poor self-esteem. 

In their own words

Claudio started in Uerê at the age of 10. All those years he showed great interest in study and go forward in life. He lives with his parents and a younger brother. The mother in unemployed at this moment and the father is a modern dance teacher three hours a week in a public school nearby Uerê. Claudio passed the test to integrate a camp in the USA. He was so good that next year he was enrolled as a monitor and in 2020 he will be enrolled as a teacher. Claudio is an example that poverty can be changed through education. And in Uerê we provide this high quality education through our programs.

Cláudio Lucas Araújo Cardoso, 17, last year of High School