Laboratoria: Coding Training for Women

NGO Name: Laboratoria  -  Location: Mexico


Laboratoria exists to solve two problems that together, become an opportunity. First, the lack of quality education and job opportunities for Latin American women and second, the enormous talent and gender gaps within the tech sector. Despite significantly growing access to higher education in Mexico, long programs, high costs, and training that is disconnected from the economy has made it increasingly difficult for young people, specifically young women, to transition successfully into the labor market. At the same time, the technology sector is experiencing massive talent and gender gaps, with companies unable to find the talent, and even more so the diverse talent, that they need to create high-quality products.


Six-months intensive coding bootcamp for women, to train talented young women who have not had access to quality education or job opportunities in the past, but have high potential to succeed, as front-end developers and UX designers. Under an innovative learning methodology, the "agile classroom," the students learn to code in an environment that mirrors a real work environment, allowing them to gain not just the technical skills, but also the soft-skills that they need to thrive in careers in technology. Upon graduation, the graduates are connected with high-paying, high-quality jobs in the tech sector and they also become members of the alumnae community, a vibrant group of Latin American women who are transforming the face of the tech sector. 

In their own words

I am not lying when I say that Laboratoria is the first place where I lived and experienced what “sororidad” is: it is leaving aside who you are, what you studied, or how old you are, to learn together, to help, and to teach one another. Thanks to a combination of my perseverance, the workshops, the knowledge of the coaches, my fellow classmates, and my trust in what Laboratoria has to offer, I currently work as a UX Designer in the Digital Banking sector of Banco Azteca. We were all looking for a space to be and Laboratoria allowed us to grow personally and professionally.

Maritza, graduate from the 2019-1 cohort