Kids r kids: Kids Are Kids Center

NGO Name: Kids r kids  -  Location: Russia


Everyone should have a childhood, regardless of skin, color or native language; all children in Russia can and should study in schools together. The main purpose behind the Integration Centre “Kids are Kids" is to make it easy to adapt to new country for every single kid no matter the background. The main focus is to make it possible for every child to have access to education, socialization and capability to choose their own way. It aims to help refugee and migrant children to adapt to the new environment. 


The objective of the center is to help in the integration process of refugee and immigrant children, by helping them to acquire the level needed to continue their school education. Therefore, the center provides the following programs:

  1. child psychologist for children 3-6YO to help them master basic skills and dealing with difficult situations,
  2. Leveling on social skills for children who enter kinder/primary school;
  3. Russian, English and Math lessons for secondary students;
  4. one-to-one tutoring for school education and preparation for university admission exams;
  5. Laboratory: innovative workshops to develop soft skills (ex. Theatrical improvisation);
  6. integration to Russian culture through architecture, fine arts, theatre activities.