Junior Achievement: Mini-company program

NGO Name: Junior Achievement  -  Location: South Africa, Spain


There is a high relation between school dropout and unemployment among young people. In South Africa, 75% of school leavers are left unemployed five years after entering the labor market. SA has an unemployment rate of 32.6%, country leaders and partners must find alternative ways to empower the youth to help them become self-sufficient adults. 

Another example is Spain, where young adults with incomplete secondary education make up the majority of the unemployed population under 30. Lack of education and pre-professional hands-on experience are leading causes of unemployment.


The project promotes high-school students' participation in a year-long entrepreneurship program where they set up teams, develop a business plan, prototype, and sell the product or service developed. Students will structure their team like a company, having heads of commercial, finance, HR, marketing, production, and more.

This hands-on approach allows youngsters to know how a company works firsthand, discover professions and potential vocations, and develop key soft skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, adaptability, entrepreneurial mindset, communication skills, and creativity.
Also, teams are mentored by professionals, NGO facilitators, and teachers who will tutor them throughout the year. The teams enter into regional, national, and world JA competitions to be recognized as the most innovative and impactful business.