Instituto Ayrton Senna: Literacy and School Management Projects

NGO Name: Instituto Ayrton Senna  -  Location: Brazil


Guided by the premises that “no student should be left behind”, since 2019 Ayrton Senna Institute have been structuring new ways to increase the number of partners in order to solve this situation. To do so, they created a structure that is responsible for following up these partners and their implementations. 


The 2 projects are as follow:

  1. The “Literacy Management“ project works to achieve 100% literacy (writing, reading, math) within the first three years of school (Goal 5 of the National Education Plan). It supports the Education Secretariat on the development of effective public policies, which are then deployed through teachers’ and educational managers training.
  2. The “Grade 10 Management” program aims to elevate the quality of education through principals’ and teachers’ training to promote effective administrative, management and pedagogical processes in public education networks. 


Good afternoon, I am Milena Zampol, I am a teacher at Lavínia de Figueiredo Arnoni Municipal School. I will talk a little bit about how much the Ayrton Senna Institute has contributed within the classroom. In my classroom, I teach first year. At first, when we got this new proposal, I confess that I was a little worried about having more bureaucratic parts like spreadsheets and stuff. But today I already see results with this - we understand the concern with the learning of children and that is our concern too.

Milena Zampol, Ribeirão Pires - July 2019 (*blue- chid is present in the class but did't do the homework / green- child is present and did the homework)