Inoma: Creativity Video Games

NGO Name: Inoma  -  Location: Worldwide


Children from underserved communities are more likely to have a poor-quality education and lack access to technology. National systems, especially in Latin America, follow an outdated pedagogy that doesn’t necessarily stimulate children and allow for a thorough understanding of the concepts taught.


The project consists of the creation of 2 video games focusing on the development of creative skills through art and creative writing, respectively. They will be accompanied by pedagogical guides that help teachers integrate the videogames into the learning programs for different ages. The creativity video games will be tested and deployed in 5 elementary schools in Estado de México, in the Mazahua indigenous community of San Felipe del Progreso municipality. Besides this deployment in these schools, the creativity video games will be available to the entire user community on the site. The educational guides of the games, for teachers' use, will be available in for free.