Friendship: Batikamari Primary and Secondary School and Adult Literacy Center

NGO Name: Friendship  -  Location: Bangladesh


Despite sincere efforts from the government, many children from underprivileged areas have hardly any access to education. Chars (shifting islands) are one of those vast areas in the riverine belts and isolated from the main lands that lacks qualified teachers, education infrastructures and other essential services. However, in spite of constant threat of river erosion and other natural hazards, yet marginalized communities choose to live in those areas for its fertile agricultural potentials and with having no alternatives for livelihoods. 


The Batikamari School provides quality education in a char island for primary school with six classrooms, an adult education center and a secondary school. The schools follow national curriculum, assessment and examination system reinforced by some Friendship’s innovations that includes learnings and practices of code of Ethics, environmental awareness, health and hygiene, digital attendance and listen to learn.  Friendship Education Program (FEP) is also interlinked and integrated with other Friendship programs that includes health, climate change action, inclusive citizenship, sustainable economic development and cultural preservation. 

In their own words

I along with my other friends were crossing for our school besides Ushas’ home and we heard someone crying. Her father is sick and they haven’t enough money to buy new clothing for her. I shared this sad story with my parents and also expressed my sad feelings for Usha. I am feeling sad because I want no students to miss his/her class for any reason.

Appreciating her empathy for her peers, Munni’sfather embraces her out of joy and gave some money to buy a new dress and rice for Usha and her family. Munni Akter, Grade-V student at Friendship Batikamari Primary School