ENACTUS KENYA: Individual Topic Competition on Access to Quality Education

NGO Name: Enactus Kenya  -  Location: Kenya


The BIC Education Challenge launched as a partnership between BIC East Africa, the BIC Corporate Foundation, and Enactus Kenya. The challenge which focuses on fostering better learning conditions by promoting social entrepreneurship and innovation in education saw submissions from students from all over the country. It targets students who are entrepreneurial and use their innovation and creativity to offer solutions to the immediate challenges faced by the communities and positively impacting their lives.


University students nationwide proposed social business projects aiming at:

  1. Fighting against school dropout and help disadvantaged children/young people reach their potential and engage in education.
  2. Supporting access to education for women and girls.
  3. Developing solutions which improve and promote environmental consciousness in Education.

The top-3 teams received  seed-funding to execute their business plan, while the winning team will also receive mentorship from the BIC East Africa team as they prepare them for the 18th Enactus National Competition"


The BIC competition was really an eye opener for us. It was amazing and spectacular just to see what other teams were doing in the education sector and the fact international companies such as BIC have now started taking interest in what we are doing as far as education and empowering the vulnerable students in our communities is concerned. The impact for us was tremendous and I don't think it's measurable, however we were able to network and gain new knowledge and skills.

Moi University