AGIR POUR L'ÉCOLE: A summer to prepare grade 1 after the COVID crisis

NGO Name: Agir Pour l'École  -  Location: France


Inequalities in learning how to read have intensified during the COVID crisis because of digital exclusion or lack of support at home.


The project fights school dropout due to COVID-19 by offering free reading lessons during the 2020 summer season. The targets, children from REP/REP+  and entering grade 1 in September, can use these sessions to catch up on work usually carried out during classes in March and April. The goal is to help students start the new school year feeling on track or ahead of where they would normally be.

The BIC Corporate Foundation supports Agir pour l'Ecole through Epic, an organization that fights the inequalities affecting young people from underprivileged backgrounds by selecting, evaluating and supporting organizations with a strong social impact. Epic has a portfolio of 26 associations in 11 countries around the world, including Agir pour l'Ecole.