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Research & Innovation at BIC

With a core value of Ingenuity, research and innovation are part of BIC's DNA. We are constantly reimagining the products and solutions we offer and how to better bring simplicity and joy to the everyday lives of people all over the world. Discover examples of BIC's commitment to innovation in each of our product categories.


  • BodyMark by BIC: BIC developed a product that combines a unique design with a skin-safe temporary tattoo ink. BIC engineers managed to integrate a compliant cosmetic formula into a marker based on state-of-the-art stationery technologies.
  • Smoother & Darker Writing: BIC's stationery quality and reliability are the results of strong expertise in chemistry and metallurgy, supported by cutting-edge lab technologies.
  • Sustainable Development: With simple, inventive designs using fewer raw materials to create long-lasting products, BIC keeps sustainable development top-of-mind as early as the design phase.


  • Unique Processes: Through BIC's unique zinc alloy die casting process, liquid metal is injected into high-precision molds. The zinc alloy forms the lighter's fork, cheeks and spark wheel, which is the subassembly that generates spark from flint, and the jet, which is a moving part of the valve that controls fuel flow. The unique manufacturing machines developed by BIC allows us to guarantee parts molded down to the hundredth of a millimeter. 
  • Unique Materials: BIC uses one of the strongest plastics in the world - Delrin®, a polyacetal homopolymer made by DuPont de Nemours. This high-tech crystalline resin is resistant to ruptures, impacts and high temperatures, and is used to produce the lighter's body and base, with high-tech molds that are developed by BIC. 
  • BIC® EZ REACHTM BIC developed a product designed for lighting hard-to-reach places while helping to keep fingers away from the flame. BIC applied its same commitment to safety and quality in designing the BIC EZ Reach Lighter that it uses for all of its lighters.


  • Moveable Blades: The moveable blade technology in BIC Flex razors, the result of years of research, provides amazing shaving comfort. Beginning in 2019, BIC's moveable blades come with a new blade edge, which encompasses several innovative, patent-protected technologies. The new edge further augments the performance of our moveable blade in all aspects, and specifically in comfort and durability.
  • The Next BIC Thing: Introduced at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), The Next BIC Thing is a platform that directly connects consumers with BIC's Innovation and Research & Development process.


To accelerate the pace of sustainable innovation, BIC forms strategic partnerships to stay on top of trends and create new, meaningful solutions to meet rapidly changing consumer needs. Partners helping BIC on its R&D journey include Plug and Play, the largest global innovation platform for startups and corporations, and the BIC-Iprova Invention Lab, which takes a machine learning-based. data-driven approach to invention.